Sunday, 10 July 2011

Old hat, I know, but...

I managed to dig out an old review I wrote after seeing 2 girls, 1 cup. I recall rushing to the computer the moment it finished, the words gushing out of me in what was almost a literary interpretation of the events portrayed in the film. Anyway, here you go:

2 girls, 1 cup (18, 2 mins) tells the well-worn tale of 2 people who, through a shared passion, overcome adversity. Nothing new there. But it's the way in which the drama is invoked which makes this film so truly unique.

The performances by the lead actresses are stunningly nuanced, giving depth and range to what otherwise could have been very run-of-the-mill characters. The direction feels fresh and engaging, never being afraid to explore areas which lesser film-makers would dare to tread. I'd go so far as to say it evokes shades of true visionaries such as Eisenberg or Dziga Vertov, while always conveying an original voice.

Overall, the film left me wanting more, clocking in at a svelte 2 minutes. The short duration only made me all the more wary of 3 hour plus epics, which could learn a thing or two from this movie. Despite this, the characters really grew as people, and I with them. I suspect the director has grown, too. I await his next project with baited breath...

Rating: *****(Outstanding)

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